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What Have I Learned?

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I agree with Cantaloupe that looking at influential childhood books would be a really interesting way of looking how gender/gender identity/gender expression (or for that matter, sexuality/sexual orientation/relationship norms) are formed and shaped. That's an approach that we haven't looked at in class, and it could lead somewhere really cool. 

I can see why you want to let your process direct itself, but I think your project sounds like it might be a bit overambitious or overly broad--personal self-examination, societal influences on gender and sexuality, non-US issues, Matilda, The Second Shift. I'm sure you'll figure it out, though. Good luck!


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what have you learned

I admire your proposal because I think it will be really challenging.  Finding one's identity and looking deep into gender and sexuality seems like a life goal, so I'm interested in what you will be able to discover in two-ish weeks.  Are you going to write a stream of conscious type response to the questions you are asking?  Because I think it would be awesome to just write for a few pages about whatever comes to your mind with whatever the question is.  Also, I love Matilda and hope it plays a large part in your self discovery :)  I'm kidding, but I think looking at books that you read as you grew up is a different twist that we haven't discussed in relation to gender expression.  Good luck!