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Just Do You: a reflection on Fine. A Comic about Gender

ari_hall's picture

Only having been a part of this class for a day i have already learned so much. Talking about my gender was never a problem for me because i am cisgender, but for my younger sister it is different. Not knowing about the gender spectrum, I labeled my sister; who has always loved Spiderman, always played the boy when we used to played dolls, and loves basketball shorts, as a tomboy, and when she got older and still dressed like a "boy" I thought: welp, shes gay, but im okay with that. Being so young, she herself may not know her sexuality, but for me I realized that just because she dresses and acts a certain way, reflects nothing about her sexuality. Maybe she's just a girl who likes to dress in "guy" clothes, maybe she will perfer the personal pronoun he, maybe she wants to wear makeup and baggy jeans and Jordans and a dress on occasion. I never looked at gender as something that could be fluid, but I am so glad I now know, not only for my own understanding, but to help my sister love herself for who she is, and know that I love her for whoever she wants to be.