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Categories: when does it become crossing the line?


This is an image I found on tumblr. Thought it'd be interesting to bring up in class in light of the discussion we had about trolls on the internet. It reminded me about the idea of crossing the line. Thoughts? Below is the link to the post and the blog it came from...

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Mantrafesto Part II

-"The only genuine hope of feminist liberation lies with a vision of social change which challenges class elitism."
-Class elitism is a mechanism of power that divides women.
-Dividing women can perpetuate the patriarchy.

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Thoughts on Passing

See video
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Response to Live Girls Unite!

"Documentary look at the 1996-97 effort of the dancers and support staff at a San Francisco peep show, The Lusty Lady, to unionize. Angered by arbitrary and race-based wage policies, customers' surreptitious video cameras, and no paid sick days or holidays, the dancers get help from the Service Employees International local and enter protracted bargaining with the union-busting law firm that management hires. We see the women work, sort out their demands, and go through the difficulties of bargaining. The narrator is Julia Query, a dancer and stand-up comedian who is reluctant to tell her mother, a physician who works with prostitutes, that she strips." Written by <> (

vlog entry
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Commodification and the Status Game

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Looking Outside of Ourselves

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