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the extent of being personal

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 I was just looking at different women's news articles online and came across this one which I thought sort of legitimized the fears of some seniors in the class about posting things online for everyone to see. Obviously the woman that this article discusses has gone way too far in publicizing her life on the internet, but it still leaves the question open, how far CAN you go before personal information becomes "too open" ?


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You're absolutely right. With

You're absolutely right.

With this Julia Allison character, though, there's another angle. She's the kind of person who attracts attention - negative attention, positive looks like as long as it's attention, she's into it. When someone is this over the top, they're obviously looking to get noticed, and frankly, there might be a job out there for her...since a lot people on the internet are going to know her name, and know how good she is at writing about personal details and unfortunate social situations. After all, there are tons of tabloids and tell-all she might be doing herself a favor with all this over-publicizing.

But, like I said at the beginning, you're still absolutely right.

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