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GAS Works Web Paper 2

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Designing Our Learning


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Looking Outside of Ourselves

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Moving Beyond Books: Reading Lives

In my first paper, I wrote about how, as a child, I would get invested in the fictional worlds of books and find myself thinking of the characters as friends of mine. As I grew up, the “real world” took over my consciousness, and I stopped getting lost in books the way I once did. As a college student, I feel like this is partially due to the sheer lack of time that I have to read and engage with books, but also because I didn’t come to each book looking to extract its themes and motifs, to pull apart the narrative rather than simply enjoying it. Back then, I didn’t approach each novel with an agenda.
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Last time I wrote, I spoke mainly about my experiences in high school as well as a little about my first semester of college. However, I would now like to update this story to the present and then look into the future. I am going to look at what I know about gender and sexuality, try to look at what I don’t know, and then propose what and how I would like to learn more about gender and sexuality.

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My Queer History and My Queer Dream

My Queer History and My Queer Dream

The Beginning:

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The Great Quest for the (Whole) Human Race

 (Figure 1)

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Because Ordinary's Just Not Good Enough Today

But Ordinary’s Just Not Good Enough Today


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Because sometimes, cutting it doesn't get rid of it


Asia Gobourne
Due: Sunday, October 4, 2009
GNST 290 – Webpaper 2

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