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GIST Web Paper 5

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An Ethnography: The ‘Talking Head’ Video as a Form of Text

An Ethnography: The ‘Talking Head’ Video as a Form of Text

This paper builds upon my last paper for this class ‘My Experiment’ which took the form of a glog-and-video combination that tested out how my own personal learning as well as the learning of my audience is affected by the medium through which I presented my paper. Conversations were sparked after I published this paper to the class’ Serendip site and this paper is part, my own ‘lived experience’ and observations of user behaviours and part analysis of processing and learning from the ‘talking head’ videos that have grown in popularity over the video-sharing website, YouTube.

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Reading Like a Computer

This is an analysis of a project I did for my class Intro to Data Structures. This analysis is supposed to examine the ways in which computer reading and processing of information is different from human reading and processing of information.

I will be examining three components of the game: the game file I created, which contains simply formatted information about the different aspects of the particular game; the game engine, which takes information out of any game file, processes it, and presents it as a game; and the way the game presents itself to and is used by the player. I have included Wordles of each of these components, as well as sample screenshots of the text, in order to help the reader understand them.

The Wordle of the game file:

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Inside and Out: Gender, Information, Science and Technology in Metropolis And Contemporary Images


          In the film Metropolis, made in 1927 by Fitz Lang, is possibly the most influential Science Fiction movie of all time. Technology and gender intersects often in this film, creating a forum to ask broader questions about gender, technology, science and information. Beyond just the academic studies of this film, however, there are ways this eighty year old film and themes from Gender, Information, Science and Technology all intersect within a contemporary popular music video, Jessie J’s “Do It Like a Dude.”
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See video

Web Event 4: Final Project


See video
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Final Portfolio!

My final portfolio, which I created on tumblr. It also has my final project, which I created through I'm not tumblr savvy, so I don't know how to reverse the order of the postings. Therefore, you must go to the bottom of the page and read the posts from bottom to top (oldest at bottom and most recent at the top).




*Wipes sweat off of forehead 

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Processing Music and Information (with cara)

My final web project was done in collaboration with cara.

Our project can be found here.

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Processing Music and Information

(in collaboration with rubikscube)

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Making Sense of Noise and Information

Please enjoy my final web event here:

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Social Networks and their effects on our lives

These are students that I have interviewed for my paper and asked questions about social networks.





These are students that I have interviewed for my paper and asked questions about social networks.
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