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Web Event 4: Final Project


I made a short film as my final project for this course. I was inspired by the film Daises, which I have brought up multiple times in my posts, because it is a film that I find has a lot of connections to this course, both in presentation and subject matter. I followed the non narrative, non linear, unconventional, style of Daises as a way to challenge what is normally thought of as a short film. I called my piece “diGISTstion” because it I want it to reflect how I have processed the course. I wanted to do a creative representation of my ideas, especially because at the end of the semester we talked a lot about creator/creation. I don’t want to say too much else about it because one of the things I have learned from this class is the multiplicity of interpretations. I would like the viewers to have their own reaction. I want them to decode the film for themselves and not have my decoding influence how they experience it.    


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