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Music and Information

Here's the link to my updated web paper:



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Music and Information


Music and Information


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Are you Ready?: A Day in the Life of Renee Montoya, aka The Question.

Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, is a vigilante determine to bring justice to Gotham, a justice-less city. He has the his parents fortune and company backing him, and so has access to the newest and best technology before it's on the market. The same company and money help hide his vigilante work.

As a woman, Renee Montoya, aka the Question, does things differently. If Montoya wants to lead a successful double life, she has to use different methods to cover her tracks: she has to live life as a woman. This is a story of a day in her life (specifically, a day when she is working the Soliz case of the Dark Detective series).


Background Information


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Don't go Down There!, Transgender versus Transsexualism, and what to do about them.

Don't go Down there!: Transsexual vs. Transgender

“The transsexual and transgender division is the same as the sex and gender division in that there are some differences, but nobody knows what they are.”

-Julia Regan-Fenelli


Transsexual (noun):

Pronunciation: /tran(s)ˈsekSHo͞oəl, træn(t)(s)ˈsɛkʃ(əw)əl/

a. a person who emotionally and psychologically feels that they belong to the opposite sex.

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 Hi everyone! I'm Victoria and I'm a junior English major at Haverford. The technology which has been most integral to my intellectual development is the computer. My ability to interact with a computer from a young age has allowed me to develop a basic proficiency with this technology. However I still feel significantly limited in my knowledge of computing-- I primarily use the computer for writing papers, research, social networking, etc. Last year I took "World of Computing" at Haverford, which allowed be to get a glimpse of the complexities of this technology. I learned basic html, worked with Alice (program designing software), used python, and learned other basics of computer science.

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The Internet is a Double Edged Sword.


This is late, and I'm sorry.  I'm also sorry if this isn't in the right place.


The internet encouraged development where real people didn't: I was an awkward kid and high school is not kind. So, when school was done for the day, I'd hop on the internet for fun. Online, I could explore without introducing myself. This avoided the inevitable moment a conversational partner would figure out I had no idea how “socializing” worked and ridiculed me for being a sorry, sorry excuse for an American teen.


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The beauty of evolution

I think there are so many reasons why Darwin's theory of evolution is one of the greatest ever conceived and developed.  There's the story behind it, the Beagle voyage, the social implications, Darwin's reluctance to publish, which is pretty incredible.  There's also the fact that the intellectual rigor and experimentation Darwin applied to his theory, spending years testing his theory in every way he possibly could, which is one of the reasons Darwin is so representative of how science and scientists should be.  But I've always been attracted to how the theory of evolution is so beautifully applicable to fields outside of biology.  There's now a field of psychology referred to as evolutionary psychology, it has affected anthropologists, doctors, scientists,

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Hey guys, I'm Aybala. I'm a junior Psychology major and Education minor. I guess the form of technology that first pops into my head as having a great effect to my life is airplanes. As someone with a family split across the ocean, planes come in handy (or maybe not) in being able to see everyone I'm supposed to see.

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Hi Everyone. My name is Alex Shin. I'm a junior chemistry major from Haverford.

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