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Reading for Pleasure

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From a very young age, “stories” was a big part of my life. I refer to “stories” as a singular noun because it refers to a specific time of day and a specific act that occurred at that time. Every night before going to bed, I would read with my parents. I can't remember the exact order of what happened when, but there were times when my parents would read picture books aloud to me, and there were times when they would read novels aloud to me, and there were times when I would read picture books aloud to them. And then gradually I moved away from this and began to read novels on my own. My mom especially was very conscientious about finding “quality” literature for us to read. I received Newbery and Caldecott award-winning books for birthdays and Christmas. My picture book phase thus consisted not only of “high quality” content but also beautiful illustrations...

When I was very young, getting “stories” taken away was the ultimate loss of privileges. It wasn't so much that it was held over our heads often, but more that it was an incentive to get in and out of our baths quickly. Not even so much reading but a certain culture of the enjoyment of books permeated my childhood. It used to be one of my favorite activities. As I've grown older, I've found that I am slightly fixated on activities that existed in a much more limited way in my childhood world, such as watching movies. Movies were maybe a once-a-week occurrence. I've also fallen away from reading for pleasure. I still do it occasionally, but academic readings, other pursuits (including the new fixations I describe above), and an unexplained drop in my ability to read as efficiently as I used to severely limit my leisurely literary time. I think this development in combination with the values that were instilled in me as a child have created some personal feelings of guilt...


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Audible books

Don't feel guilty anymore, download one of the many apps like audible or kindle or axis 360 which our library in Lorain county uses. You can have free books reAd to you not just a bedtime story (you will be figuring through the book to find the place you fell asleep haha). But the ability to be read to throughout your home speakers or your ear plugged ears (keeps children playing (haha) and loud rooms or traveling or making dinner. Put in your dvr player and it will come across your tv or Bluetooth to tv or CAR. Yay the car ride to work is filled with those great books being read to you, then read by self, now just listen while you work or chill out, take a bath and find out why there is a stranger making pies in Paula's house or who dunnits. You still can use your hands...both if them...and what I love is if I decide to follow the narration in the book I can make the tiny little letter much much bigger and brighter and bold.

I just began reading mysteries and a lil bit of real life which seems fiction as well these days. That said my favorite fiction so far are the 26 series books by fern Micheal sisterhood series,weekend warriors first book. I was so stuck on them I was waiting in netween books. So right now my favorite trilogy is key of light,knowledge, and valor by Nora Roberts.

Since you used to read a lot please share with me your favorites from that time in your life. I've been trying to look at old books Nd I'm just a bit overwhelmed to choose cause some are so boring at first. Just thinking you may have a little inside.

Sincerely, Elken -ohio