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The Internet is a Double Edged Sword.

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This is late, and I'm sorry.  I'm also sorry if this isn't in the right place.


The internet encouraged development where real people didn't: I was an awkward kid and high school is not kind. So, when school was done for the day, I'd hop on the internet for fun. Online, I could explore without introducing myself. This avoided the inevitable moment a conversational partner would figure out I had no idea how “socializing” worked and ridiculed me for being a sorry, sorry excuse for an American teen.


While this was a great way to escape my social ineptitude, it didn't help things either. I continued to be a clumsy wallflower until taking an active learning role in college.


I've never tried an iphone, a smart phone, or any kind of phone that has extensive internet capabilities, probably because I can't wield that kind of power with anywhere near responsibly. Easiest way to keep from breaking something? Keep it away. Easiest way to keep me from wasting even more time on the internet? Keep it away. I have no interest in trying any of these things out for this reason.