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GIST Web Paper 1

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Gender construction and the internet

RL gender construction

 Simone De Beauvoir was adamant in her conviction that people and gender are constructed by our experiences and the influences of the society in which we live. As our world becomes more digital and interconnected, how we experience the world is changing. For some, like the character Zaboo in the web series The Guild, they have experienced life primarily through technology.

RL gender construction
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Re-Constructing Female Leadership through the Media Monster


Hillary Godwin

February 10, 2011

Dalke – GIST

The Politics of Beauty in the Western World:

Re-Constructing Female Leadership through the Media Monster


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We are all an experiment of nature.

Intersex and transgender conditions in ancient cultures will be explored in the style of a book we read in class by Joan Roughgarden titled Evolution’s Rainbow. The examples show cases in which transgender and intersex conditions were encountered throughout history. These examples are sometimes instances were atypical attitudes were taken towards the conditions. I use said instances as evidence that Intersex and Transgendered individuals have been surprisingly common in human history and in learning about it’s occurrences, the possibility exists for societal acceptance of the condition as falling in a spectrum of normalcy. 

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The Rebirth of Penus

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Gender and Categories. WebPaper1

Muna Aghaalnemer

Prof. Anne Dalke

Gender and Technology paper 1
February 11th 2011

Gender and Categories

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The Art of Passing

Professors Anne Dalke, Liz McCormack

Gender, Information, Science, and Technology

11 February 2011

The Art of Passing

Gender crossing, especially when done temporarily or situationally, often provokes the question of whether or not one can pass. The term passing, as in the novel Passing by Nella Larsen, was often historically used to describe taking on the appearance of a different racial group. Passing for gender is much more difficult. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics that would need to be altered in order for another gender:

                   Female to Male:


-          Bind down breasts

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What is Normal?


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Technology and Trans Teens

Technology and Transgender Teens

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Birth Control as a Form of Female Empowerment

 Tiffany Egbuonu

February 10, 2010

English 257



Birth Control as a Form of Female Empowerment


Throughout history, women have assumed the responsibility of mother, child bearer, and home keeper. Some of the earliest pieces of art known to man are fertility symbols, highlighting an important duty that has always been attributed to women, the duty to produce children. More contemporarily, the obligation to have children has not been as emphasized, as women have insisted upon being treated as equals to men. Nevertheless, although women have won the right to vote and to participate in the military in the past two centuries, the social responsibility to have children is still attached to women.

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