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Reaching Out Through Zines: The Sexytime Series

For our presentation with rayj and w0m_n, we created a zine series called "Sexytime." 

Our topics included:

Anatomy (male, female, intersex bodies): with fold-out diagrams!
Consent: anti-slut shaming, body image, virginity
Pleasure: masturbation, sex toys
SM/kink: safety, yes/no/maybe lists
Interpersonal relationships: deciding when to/not to use a condom, emotions, negotiating in sexual relationships, consent once is not consent always, asking people on a date, asking for sex
Safe sex
: pregnancy, contraception, stds/stis, infections (yeast infections, etc), UTIs. Emergency contraception. include queer sex. Also where to get stuff for free.

With one main goal in mind: encourage exploration.

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Q-Forum: Restructuring and Revising

This project started with the sudden realization that I could effect change. Not all by myself, of course, but when the options are so readily available, I figured I had to do something.

Here's a little background on me:

I'm a hall advisor this year, and will be a hall advisor this year. What does this mean? I am employed by BMC's Residential Life office to be the "eyes and ears on the hall" and serve as a resource for students, including directing them to other resources on campus. As a result, I have spent the past year working closely with the ResLife heads as well as two graduate assistants. I am also currently one of the co-heads of BMC's Rainbow Alliance, our main queer student group on campus. One of the things that Rainbow Alliance has traditionally taken care of (with the help of the Community Diversity Assistants, or CDAs) is something called Q-Forum. 

The idea for this project started with a wish for change, with my expressed unhappiness about the way that things "had" to happen, or the ways in which I "had" to do them, especially since I was to be in charge of running Q-Forum next year. And then I realized...If I am in charge of things and I am not happy with the way they are going, why am I not changing them?


DISCLAIMER: this is something I probably should have realized a long time ago. Anyone can propose or enact change, but sometimes it's good to have a plan.

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Our Transgender Task Force: moving towards solutions

Further notes from amophrast, Colleen, epeck, and melal

What happens to the historical mission of women's colleges in a queer time and place?

- liberal havens
- non-gendered vs. co-ed collegs
- if we were truly post-gender, we wouldn't have women's college?
- is the goal to be post-gender?
- is the goal of women's college to facilitate their own destruction/evolution
- doesn't mean that the rest of the world is changing at this rate, if at all
- more international goal? post-gender ideas seem Western
- provides a space for queer students
- nourishes growth/existence of feminist movement

Something for the college to do to recognize the fact that gender fluidity/gender queering/flexibility existssss?

A series of 4 groups to educate staff and faculty, including JMac
including SGA, specific classes (E-Sem)
would it be mandatory? yes, to some extent
- Intro (separate between: students and staff/faculty)
- combined workshop
- combined workshop
- Outro/reflection (separate)

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Notes from our Transgender Trask Force

With Colleen, epeck, and michelle:

We are not admitting those who are both
- gender: man (-identifying)
- sex (bodies): male

We are admitting: trans*, transdudes, transwomen, genderqueer, genderfluid, cis-female, etc.

DLT training (Hall Advisors, Customs people, Dorm Presidents, Peer Mentors, Community Diversity Assistants)
-- Bring in outside people to train

Freshman orientation
-- with customs groups during customs week
-- Q-forum can still exist but there needs to be a formalized aspect.
-- safe space
-- who would lead it?

Housing for freshmen
-- housing forms
-- ability to switch rooms, availability of singles

--language used when deciding who can use a residence hall bathroom

epeck: (really important note:) friends now with people who are trans, but unsure how it would feel to be housed as an incoming freshman, especially in situations like quads that have literally closer living quarters

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Language and Pleasure: A Means to an End Through and Around Sexuality

 “Sex and poetry cannot exist at the same time. Have you ever tried to write a poem while having sex? It’s impossible!”

– paraphrased from Michael Tratner, professor of English at Bryn Mawr College, ca. 2010

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Mantrafesto from bell hooks on Palin

From FrigginSushi, jdsisco, and amophrast:

Working-class women already knew that the wages they received would not liberate them.
Liberation is difficult.
The fact that it's difficult means it's worth fighting for.
Palin was not fighting for liberation for working-class women.
Working-class people supported Palin because they found her relatable.
By relating to the average person, Palin earned hollow support.
If you knock on a hollow tree, it's very loud, but ultimately dead inside.

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Athletics and Art of Pole Dancing

Over winter break, I came across this video for Mr. Pole Dance Germany 2011:

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Setting the Scene: Feminist Punk Rock

The two videos S.Yaeger and I shared in class:



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Jack Halberstam's Gaga Feminism

Notes from Halberstam's lecture. In general, I found the material accessible and engaging, which is one of the reasons why I think referencing Lady Gaga worked well. However, it did seem very hard for people to separate Halberstam's use of the word ("reclaiming" of the word) "gaga" from Lady Gaga.

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Queer Homeless Youth: Film Screening of Queer Streets TONIGHT

Tuesday, March 13th
7-9 PM
34th and Walnut | Fisher Bennett Hall Room 401
Free and open to the public! Food will be provided.

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