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Our Transgender Task Force: moving towards solutions

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Further notes from amophrast, Colleen, epeck, and melal

What happens to the historical mission of women's colleges in a queer time and place?

- liberal havens
- non-gendered vs. co-ed collegs
- if we were truly post-gender, we wouldn't have women's college?
- is the goal to be post-gender?
- is the goal of women's college to facilitate their own destruction/evolution
- doesn't mean that the rest of the world is changing at this rate, if at all
- more international goal? post-gender ideas seem Western
- provides a space for queer students
- nourishes growth/existence of feminist movement

Something for the college to do to recognize the fact that gender fluidity/gender queering/flexibility existssss?

A series of 4 groups to educate staff and faculty, including JMac
including SGA, specific classes (E-Sem)
would it be mandatory? yes, to some extent
- Intro (separate between: students and staff/faculty)
- combined workshop
- combined workshop
- Outro/reflection (separate)


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Things to think about

Some questions that came up in regards to this idea:

Would we be holding these workshops only for new students/faculty/staff, or would this be an annual event for everyone at their time at Bryn Mawr? 

How do we facilitate conversations between people when there will definitely be a gaps in understanding, especially if everyone must go to these workshops throughout thier time at Bryn Mawr? 

Should we break them up into smaller groups (for the combined workshops), with a few staff/faculty/students in each group?

What kind of material will we workshop? How "far" will we go? 

Students, staff, and faculty will all have a different relationship with trans students on campus. This might be problematic especially in regards to the seperate workshops within the faculty/staff discussions; english professors will have a different relationship with this subject than math professors who will have a different relationship than the housekeepers, etc.