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Mellon Digital Curriculum Seed Grant Recipient Shiamin Kwa on Digital Technologies in "Everything but the Table"

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In a recent article in the Bryn Mawr Campus Bulletin, Professor Shiamin Kwa talks, among other things, about the role that digital technologies play in her East Asian Languages and Cultures course, Everything But the Table: Food and Culture in East Asian Literature and Film. Kwa received funding and staff support for this course through Bryn Mawr's Mellon-funded "Developin a Liberal Arts Curriculum for the Digital Age" and the Tri-Co Mellon Creative Residencies Program. The digital assignments and collaboration embedded into this course, are by no means the only aspects of this course that students find exciting and engaging, but Kwa discusses the role they play in helping students to reflect on their objects of study in different ways. A quote from Kwa in the article sums this up: "'Making is a way of thinking,' she explains, 'and a generative one.' Read the article ...