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Register Now for the 2015 Blended Learning in the Liberal Arts Conference

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Registration is now open for the fourth annual Blended Learning in the Liberal Arts Conference, May 20-21, 2015 at Bryn Mawr College!

This year's conference has grown to include 13 sessions of 2-4 presentations each, and two workshops. Sessions with a pedagogical focus include blending foreign language and STEM courses, designing blended approaches to teaching critical thinking, reading, writing, or computational skills across disciplines, and ideas for digital project-based learning in the humanities and social sciences. If you're just getting started, the Blended Learning: It's All About the Face Time workshop offers hands-on experience with developing a blended course. For those grappling with developing institutional support for blended learning, there are sessions on research and assessment, internal support models, and cross-institutional collaborations, including a hands-on workshop, Working Together: Community and Cross-Campus Collaborations through Blended Learning.

See our conference website for a schedule and registration, travel and accomodation information.