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Queer Homeless Youth: Film Screening of Queer Streets TONIGHT

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Tuesday, March 13th
7-9 PM
34th and Walnut | Fisher Bennett Hall Room 401
Free and open to the public! Food will be provided.

20-40% of all homeless youth in the US are queer+trans.

On March 13, Re:Thinking Queer will present a screening of the groundbreaking documentary film Queer Streets, which follows the lives of seven young queer+trans residents of Sylvia's Place, NYC's only emergency shelter for LGBT homeless youth, through the summer and fall of 2006. Sylvia's Place took its name from Sylvia Rivera, a veteran of the Stonewall Riots who on her deathbed insisted that Reverend Pat Bumgardner of the Metropolitan Community Church create accommodations for LGBT youth to spend the night. This event seeks to highlight how homelessness is not just a condition of poverty and discrimination, but also an immediate health concern facing the queer+trans community. Following the film, there will be a panel discussion composed of members from local health and activist organizations.

Respondents include:

- Aamina Morrison (Trans Health Information Project)
Aamina Morrison is the Health Education Coordinator for the Trans-health Information Program (TIP) a program of Prevention Point Philadelphia. She offers services to transgender and gender variant youth and adults that vary from linkages to housing and TG/GV health provision, housing, counseling, and education around HIV/AIDS.

- Max Ray (ACT UP Philadelphia)

- Phantazia Washington (The Attic House)

The event will feature a screening of the film (45 mins), followed by a facilitated discussion with a panel of respondents, and conclude with a Q&A session with audience members.

Sponsored by Cinema Studies, Center for Bioethics Project on Sexuality and Gender Identity, The Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Program and the Alice Paul Center, Penn Humanities Forum, Women's Center, English Department, Comparative Literature Department

Presented by Re:Thinking Queer, a new undergraduate lecture series at Penn aiming to heighten the level of critical discourse surrounding queer+trans identity and current sociopolitical issues. By highlighting marginalized voices and perspectives from within the LGBTQI spectrum, we emphasize the intersectionality of experience under oppression, thus building coalitions across divisive identity politics in an attempt to link our multiple struggles into a strong movement of many towards collective liberation for all.

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