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I was wondering after our conversation today in class if anyone has been inspired to action by any of our readings in class? I mean, I would assume that's what the authors would like to see is people transitioning from words to deeds, but I am interested to see if that is actually happening. If you haven't 'done' anything yet, do you plan to? If you haven't been inspired to affect change, why not? 



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don't be too hasty!

Well, we wouldn't want to do anything too hasty! We're still figuring out how to think about it!

Actually, I did go to the environmental mixer today, though I did not stay too long. I put my name on the mailing list, and heard about some of the cool things that ARE being done on campus. I told someone about the Transition Town movement, which not many people seem to have heard of here.

But, I am still driving everywhere in my car, even sometimes absurdly short distances, because I don't feel I have enough time to go by bike or walk. I'm careful in my shopping to buy local and organic as much as I can. I refuse plastic shopping bags! I sign petitions! 

Seriously, I try to play my part in whatever general awakening and change of mindset needs to happen/is happening. I'd love to think of myself as an activist-- but really have come to the conclusion not everyone is one, and I am actually not. I aspire to create art that helps wake people up. (Big Andy Goldsworthy fan.) 

But, shall we think of one action we could do as a class?