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Pris & the Defintion of "Human"

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female cyborg/human


"Human is not a fixed concept, but a construction constantly under challenge and revision" (cited in Hayles's How We Think).



Attached is a pdf of my paper!

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not for long?

Pris's view of machine and human worlds (The Blade Runner" is on my all-time top-ten list of movies by the way) intrigued me.  I was especially drawn to her observation of the parity of machines and humans as being essentially patterned information.  Her agreement with the assertion that identities in both cases are in fact defined by informational patterns.  Whether silicon or carbon, our "me, myself, and I's" are essentially just patterned bits.  The hierarchy of humans over machines then is rightly questioned by this engaging replicant, and perhaps will not be the case for long.