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10 minutes of research: André Cadere

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André Cadere was an artist in the 70's who created pieces called "Barres." They were a series of small wooden cylinders painted bright colors, then glued together into long sticks. Cadere carried the sticks around France, Germany, and New York, interacting with people on the streets and subways, and even leaving the pieces in the galleries of other artists. The Barres could be displayed leaning up against a wall, on the floor, and in numerous other ways. His works were very playful in that the colors on his Barres were arranged in a pattern, except for one anomaly. The cylinders were visibly cut and sanded by hand, and some of the glue could still be seen in the borders between them. After Cadere’s death in 1978, his Barres became less playful, because he wasn’t around to interact with them anymore. Part of their appeal came from how he defied the traditional ways of displaying art, and the spontaneity that came with that