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Hannah Hoch

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Hannah Hoch was a German photocollage artist and part of Dada art movement in Europe. The Dada art movement was in responce to World Word I. During World War I Hoch wad a nurse with the Red Cross. Hoch was one of the orginators of photocollage art along with Raoul Hausmann. Her work mainly features women and machine parts.


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her work is awsome

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Sources Correction

The first image is by Hannah Hoch, Grotesque 1963

The second image by Steve Cox, Homage to Hannah Hoch 2012

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Thank you for writing Steve. I am sorry for the avoidable misuse of your artwork and the inconvenience it has caused you. I will make sure my sources are correct in the future. If I regain access to my Serendip account, I will edit the post.

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Not Hannah Hoch

Neither of these images is by Hannah Hoch. In fact, the black and white image is by me, Steve Cox. I suggest that you get you information right in future so that you can correctly accredit artists.