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The Human Cyborg

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I believe that the fear some hold about the dependency of technology is valid and telling of just how connected humans are to technology. Our livelihoods depend so heavily on it that I wonder if, hypothetically, technology was ever inaccessible, how humans would cope. It is a scary thought as every facet of life depends on technology. However, I do not think we need regulations simply because there is much to gain by using technology and little to gain by living in fear that it will fail.

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Clark redux

This was a clever presentation highlighting the issues raised by Andy Clark's  concept of natural born cyborgs. The "prezi" was well suited to your multi-media examples and it worked well.  Great to see you use it.  If you were to write a sequel to Andy Clark, what  further or new questions would you like to explore?  Do you have any strategies in mind to address people's fear's about technology?  Do you think we need a regulatory structure to "protect" people from "too much" technology?  What might it look like?