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Evolution and Literature Web Projects 2

This is the second set of web projects to emerge from The Story of Evolution and the Evolution of Stories, a course offered at Bryn Mawr College in Spring 2011. Two months into the semester, students are thinking through aspects of the story of evolution beyond the context of biology which are of particular interest or use to them.

Take a look around, and feel warmly welcome to respond in the comment area available at the end of each paper. What strikes, intrigues, puzzles you...what, among your reactions, might be of interest or use to the writer, or others in the class, or others who--exploring the internet--might be in search of a thoughtful conversation about evolution and literature?

ajohnstonMusic of Evolution: Natural Selection and Jazz Improvisation
alexandrakgEvolution and Stories in Political Science
AnnaP"Changing the Story": Using Memes for Social Change
ashleyA Journey Through Cultures: Becoming Fit in American Society
bhealyFirst Comes Love then Comes Marriage? The Evolution of Marriage in the United States
ckosarek27 Million Views and Counting: Could There Be a Science of Memitics?
cr88Memetic Revolution: Agency and Cultural Evolution in the Middle East and North Africa Protests of 2011
CremisiLegit Evolution
cwalkerEvolving Identities: A Focus on Immigrant Communities
DawnThe Deerstalker - No Explanation Needed
dfishervanOverlooking the Foundation of your Foundation: Darwinian Medicine's Role in the Medical Community
ellyEvolution in Urban Development: Planning, Control Memes and Competition for Space
ems8140Cultural Programming: Beneficial or Maladaptive?
ewashburnIt's All Greek to Meme: Ancient Greek Theater and the Effectiveness of Dennett's "Dangerous Idea"
hannahgiseleThe Different Types of Evolution that Words Undergo
hlehmanHumans, Trees, and Education
hopeAnother Picture of Memes
ib4walrusHatred, what is the point?
jhercherDaniel Dennett and Intellectual Flexibility
katlittrellSlang: It's Heaps Hectic
kgrassThe Culture of Evolution
LethologicaSeeking Cinderella: A Brief Glimpse of the Evolution of Fairytales
LynnThe Soul of Evolution
mgz24The Evolution of Violence in Sports
mindyhuskinsNo Book is New: The Continuing Evolution of Literature
OrganizedKhaosFrom Bones to Beliefs: Evolution of Anthropology and its Stories
phyllobatesThe Synchronized Evolution of the Meme of Time and Timekeeping Devices
PoppyflowerChanging Society or Changing Sexuality?
rachelrHow high can we fly, and on wings made of what?
Sarah SchnellbacherThe New Meaning of AI
skindeepDanielle Dennett and Free Will – Is Free Will an Evolutionary Gift?
tangerinesWhat Dennett Got Wrong
the.believerEvolution of Language: Chomsky & Dennett
themwordThe Art of Persasion Through Abuse - EvoLit Webpaper 2
Vivien ChenLanguage On Intelligence
vlopezShow jumping: Real Algorithm