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The Role of Fiction in Science (A Discussion)

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Comics Conundrum: An Examination of Alan Moore Film Adaptations

Comics author Alan Moore, perhaps contemplating the differences between comics and film.

Alan Moore is widely renowned as one of the most accomplished comics authors in the genre. With such works under his belt as Watchmen, V for Vendetta and From Hell, Moore revolutionized the concept of the superhero genre, deconstructed various comic book tropes, and won numerous Jack Kirby and Eagle Awards, as well as acclaim from his peers and critics.

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It's All Greek to Meme: Ancient Greek Theater and the Effectiveness of Dennett's "Dangerous Idea"

This painting depicts a scene from Euripides' classic play "Trojan Women," which consists almost entirely of female characters and challenges the values behind the Pelopponesian War.

A scene from Euripides' classic play Trojan Women, which consists almost entirely of female characters and questions the ethics of the Peloponnesian War.  

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On the Origin of the Argument

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