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Evolution and Literature Web Paper 4

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Catholicism on Evolution and the Evolution of Catholicism

Catholicism on Evolution and the Evolution of Catholicism


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A Scientific Inquiry into the Art of Scientific Writing

 A Scientific Inquiry into the Art of Scientific Writing


Chemistry Department, Haverford College, 370 Lancaster Ave., Haverford, PA 19041, USA

Received Date: 5/13/2011



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Evolution in Don Quixote

 Web Paper 4

The Story of Evolution and the Evolution of Stories

Evolution in Don Quixote

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Today's Version of Me

For my final project I decided to write and illustrate a children's book encompassing the aspects of this class that have really stuck with me. I wanted to find a way to approach the topic of change, most notably big life changes and individual changes, in a way that children could relate to. I chose scenarios such as new siblings, moving, starting school, parents divorcing, new friends, pets etc. and highlighted more subtle personality changes like new favorite foods, new dress up habits, and increased skills like reading. Coupled with this I really wanted to emphasize the fact that change is a part of life that we need to get used to, and that it doesn't have to be scary.

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EvoLit Final Web Event: Pestilence


(bubonic plague under a microscope)

1. The Rake

He had a powerful, rather emotional delivery, which carried to a great distance, and when he launched at the congregation his opening phrase in clear, emphatic tones: “Calamity has come upon you, my brethren, and, my brethren, you deserved it,” there was a flutter that extended to the crowd massed in the rain outside the porch.” (94)


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The Story of This Class: A Completely True and Faithful Account of What Happened in This Course Over the Past Semester

First, a few clarifications. I published this in chapters on a blog ( and I highly recommend you look at it there to get a sense of my overall project. Not only am I addressing the issues between "truth" and "fiction", I am doing so in a journal/diary sort of approach. I will also publish the full transcript here.




The Story of This Class: A Completely True and Faithful Account of What Happened in This Course Over the Past Semester.

by Mindy Huskins


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final project

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The Evolution of Psychology


            Throughout my work in the Story of Evolution, Evolution of Stories class this semester, I have applied much information from the many psychology classes I have taken as a psychology major. I believe the history of this field and its change through the years relates to the main focus of evolution of the current course. Not only is the field of psychology of particular interest to me, but this research helps to answer the question of whether or not evolution is a useful story beyond biology. The history of psychology not only portrays evolution of the field itself, but it illustrates how the concepts developed in this domain can help people with their own personal evolution.

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Worldbuilding: The Role of Science in Fantasy

“Of course, no other world was carried through the starry infinity on the backs of four giant elephants, who were themselves perched on the shell of a giant turtle. His name—or her name, according to another school of thought—was Great A’Tuin; he—or, as it might be, she—will not take a central role in what follows but it is vital to an understanding of the Disc that he—or she—is there, down below the mines and sea ooze and fake fossil bones put there by a Creator with nothing better to do than upset archaeologists and give them silly ideas.”

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