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Evolution and Literature Web Paper 4

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What is the Role of Fiction in Science? (A Discussion)

 For my final project I joined with ckosarek, ewashburn, and katlittrell to create a conversation about the role of science in fiction and of fiction in science. We set up a Facebook page where we posted anything interesting that we came across that we felt pertained to our class, was a continuation of something we talked about in class, or could be applied or linked back to the kind of thinking that we developed in this class. From our Facebook page we also linked to out to our Tumblr page where about every week for 5 weeks we posed a short essay that stemmed from our class thinking.

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Final Project - Video Representation of the Forum

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I feel I can say that I have gained most from the conversations taking place over Serendip throughout my time in EvoLit. In my video I wished to represent these conversations in a visual way, by expressing some of the main themes of our class, and the comments of my peers on the blog. While this is not footage that I was able to shoot myself, it has all been altered, adjusted in terms of speed and color and length, as well as paired with each individual quote for a specific reason. Most connections should be apparent, along with the conversation taking place and progressing throughout the video.

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Leave it to Chance...

 Katie's Reality 

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Leave it to Chance...

Katie's Reality 

“Hurricane Charley made landfall on the southwest coast of Florida near Cayo Costa, just west of Ft. Myers around 3:45 p.m. EDT on August 13, with maximum sustained surface winds near 150 mph. This made Charley a category 4 storm on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. The maximum storm surge associated with Charley was six to seven feet on Sanibel and Estero Islands. Charley caused ten direct fatalities in the U.S. and an estimated $14 billion in economic losses. It was a harbinger of things to come, being the first of four hurricanes to affect Florida in August and September of 2004” (

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Evolution of Myths, Memes, and Me

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The Creation of a Stereotype

by Arielle Seidman


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Quest For Evolution

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Through the Fog: Final Paper

Through the Fog


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New Environmental Stories to Heed Biological Evolution

Tim Richards
Friday, May 15, 2009
Evolit Final Paper

New Environmental Stories to Heed Biological Evolution

Stories can conflict not just with one another, but also with the very biological processes that gave rise to them. Normally, in studying the theory or story of evolution, we focus on how it conflicts with other dominant cultural stories, especially with Christianity and its insistence that God created the world. This conflict is generally controversial enough to occupy the intellectual content of a course discussing the social aspects of the theory of evolution.

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