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What is the Role of Fiction in Science? (A Discussion)

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 For my final project I joined with ckosarek, ewashburn, and katlittrell to create a conversation about the role of science in fiction and of fiction in science. We set up a Facebook page where we posted anything interesting that we came across that we felt pertained to our class, was a continuation of something we talked about in class, or could be applied or linked back to the kind of thinking that we developed in this class. From our Facebook page we also linked to out to our Tumblr page where about every week for 5 weeks we posed a short essay that stemmed from our class thinking. We built off of each other, branched off on our own, and had a lot of fun with both our Facebook page and our Tumblr.

I used the news and StumbleUpon to find much of what I posted on the Facebook page, "stumbling" the web using keywords like "evolution," "darwin," "evolution," "science," and "genetics." I think that the end product of our Tumblr essays really marks, follows, develops, and enhances the conversation that that we had as a class throughout the course, and our Facebook allows for more personal, small thoughts or applications of ideas that we came to, both in class and on our own. So check both out, they really go hand-in-hand and in my personal opinion are pretty awesome!

There isn't a set "way" to read our project, but I would suggest starting with our Facebook page. There you can peruse, pick and choose what you want to read and watch based on what you feel drawn to. For out Tumblr I would suggest starting at the beginning (the last page) and moving forward. While of course this isn't required I think it helps illustrate how and where we move in our thinking as we learned and grew in the class. 

So go ahead out there, and hopefully something (many things!) will teach you something new, encourage you to question, to enquire, to live. Vacilando!