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Evolution and Literature Web Paper 4

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Let's talk science

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Darwin May Have Missed Something

CharlesDarwin in the Origin of Species explainsthe reasons for sexual behavior to be for the purpose of passing down one’sgenes and increase one’s chances of survival. This does not always seem to bethe case as research shows that there are many sexual behaviors that don’t fitin with Darwin’s theory. Some of these include human sexual behavior and manyof them include animal sexual behavior. If Darwin had known about these sexual behaviorsit is possible that he would have altered his theory to better fit the actualworld.

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Lost Wax in the Divergent and Convergent Modes

Lost-Wax Bronze castingin the Divergent and Convergent Mode


            Iwill be discussing two kinds of sculpting, lost-wax bronze casting and theprocess of clay sculpting, and how they converge and diverge from one another.  I will include a photograph of thebronze sculptures.   However,I do not have a copy of the clay nude female sculpture to which I will bereferring.  It would have been neatto have such a picture to show the difference in the sculpture mediums.

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Generalizing and Genre-lizing

Perpetuation of the Literary Canon

“We write in Latin America to reclaim a space to discover ourselves in the presence of others, of human community –so that they may see us, so that they may love us –to form the vision of the world, to acquire some dimension –so they can’t erase us so easily.  We write so as not to disappear.” -Elena Poniatowska, Wellesley College 2008

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Evolution in Film

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