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The Human Unconscious: The Mechanism for Literary Evolution

     Human beings are perhaps the greatest, most sophisticated storytellers that have yet roamed the earth. Sure, creatures of other levels of complexity can survey their environment, summarize their observations, and live their lives according to their own stories of reality. In fact, these stories of reality have proven to be, in the Darwinian sense, quite an essential mechanism for the survival, continuation, and modification (biological evolution) of all forms of life, especially humans. What distinguishes humans as ‘special’ storytellers, however, is our capacity for language, a cognitive development that biological evolution has

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What Your Nose Knows: Smelling is Believing...or Deceiving?

When asked to define ‘reality’ or to consider the ways by which one concludes that a particular physical reality ‘exists,’ the average human will tend to reference their visual, tactile, and auditory abilities, and probably in that order too. These modes through which the majority of humans assess and process their surroundings are three major and essential contributors to how we, as humans, define the existence of a physical reality. However, a fourth mode of perception that is also extensively used and trusted, but whose scientific, historical, and practical significance is severely underestimated is our

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The Tones of Tinnitus: Are Those 'Sounds' That You 'Hear'?

Although you have not yet progressed to the second sentence of this lengthy paper, there is almost a 100% guarantee that, before this text directs your attention to reality and essence of tinnitus, you are already knowledgeable about the phenomenon that is the basis for the following discussion. The legitimacy of this estimate can be attributed to the presumption that, at some point in your life, you were made conscious of your ‘head noise’ through the incidence of ringing in one or both of your ears. The presence of some ‘head noise’ is ordinary and natural, and most of us are only aware of its

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The Lack of Lefties: Nature or Nurture?


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