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To Show or To Tell

How has image and documentary film changed the fate of anthropological text?

movie of the mind

movie of the mind (G. Grow)

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From Bones to Beliefs: Evolution of Anthropology and its Stories


                          (Hilazon Cave)

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The How and Why of Our World

The How and Why:

Exploring the Relationship between Evolution and Religion


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Searching for the Mango Princess

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New and Unanswered Questions??

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Sex Related Pain Perception...

Do Men and Women Feel Pain Differently?

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The Halo Effect: Learned Behavior?

We have all been told that first impressions are important. How important would you say they are and at what point in life do they begin to matter? Would you believe it if someone told you that unattractive infants have significantly lower developmental skills? Although this may not be scientifically true, 64% of parents believe this (1). In fact, this kind of presumption does not stop with infant abilities but continues in the classroom, work area, and even when choosing politicians?

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What's New in Cervical Cancer?

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