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Biology 103 Web Paper 3

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Zoonotic Diseases


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Congratulations, it’s a (Lady)Boy!

Boys and girls seem to learn their genders very early on in their lives, as apparent to their preference of colours (girls with pink and boys with blue), toys (Barbies vs. cars), and even their awareness of the opposite sex (cooties). But are all these stereotype a testament to the biological predetermination of gender, or are they manifested by societal influences? Is everything inherently biological, or can our actions—our environment—override this seemingly fixed component of our identity?

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What can be done about adolescent obesity?

Biology: Basic Concepts
Web Paper Assignment # 3
What can be done about adolescent obesity?
            Among adolescents, obesity is continuing to become a cause for concern.

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Art, Artificial, Artifice... Hubris?

Is there any room for magic in biology?
Yes, in the sense that biology is never a static thing, but a constant reevaluation of things, and often the reevaluation can blow people away. No, in the sense that magic requires suspense of belief, a lack of knowing, and biology is the ongoing attempt to know.
This question has followed me for a long time.
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Oh, $%&@!


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Pseudoscience and the Problem of Scientific Truth

 Heather Lewis

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Online Quizzes and the Brain

 Julia Stuart

Biology 103

Webpaper #3


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Is Intelligence All About Biology?

People will do anything to ensure that their children will be “smart”. Women, after finding out the great news of their pregnancies, force their unformed and unborn children to listen to Mozart hoping they will catch the talent for music. There are even some business that claim to have the sperm of athletes, savvy businessman, scientists, etc and therefore by buying the sperm, one can have a child just like them. People in the world that believe that there is a smart gene, and most importantly, they will do anything to insure that their child obtains it. Yet, I wonder does a “smart gene” really exist? If so, do people who were fortunate enough to possess unequivocally intelligent, while those lacking it are just stupid?

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