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Slice Away!

Human brain  Rhesus monkey brain   Cat brain  Rat brain  Frog brain
Human Monkey Cat Rat Frog

Here are the brains of five animals: a human, a monkey, a cat, a rat, and a frog. We're getting ready to slice into these brains and explore their inner workings.

What do you expect to see? Will it look like one big glob of matter? Or will there be separate structures with different functions? When we look at the human brain, we will be able to know whether this person was "smart"?

Let's begin our dissection of these brains by making a sagittal cut at the mid-sagittal plane so that we can see the inner surface (click here for a review this terminology). Click on any of the brains above to make this cut.


Steven Cohen's picture

Diagrams of Planes

I suggest you switch the placement of the "Directional" diagrams with the diagram of the brain "planes". I went their to figure out what a "sagittal plane" is and didn't find it until I read the small print and finally cursored down and found the helpful diagram.
Steven Cohen

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