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Midsagittal Slice

A Midsagittal View: Right Down the Middle!


Group of sliced brains


The picture above shows the midsagittal view of a human, monkey, and cat brain. Essentially we have cut straight down the middle of the brains, separating them into two halves, or hemispheres. Can you visualize that? If you need a reminder of directional terminology, click here.


Midsagittal view of human brain

Midsagittal view of monkey brain

Midsagittal view of cat brain  Midsagittal view of rat brain  Midsagittal view of frog brain
Human Monkey Cat Rat Frog


Now you have the option of slicing each individual brain again. The blue lines represent where we can slice - either in the forebrain or the hindbrain. You may choose whichever brain you're most interested in by clicking on the picture.


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