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Compare Brains

Check Out These Brains!


Take a close look at all these brains. Are they what you expected to see? What kinds of perceptions do you have about brain structure, brain sizes, and the relationship between brains and complex behavior?

human brain   Human
 baboon brain   Baboon
 rhesus monkey brain   Monkey
 camel brain   Camel
 dolphin brain   Dolphin
 kangaroo brain   Kangaroo
 cat brain   Cat
 raccoon brain   Raccoon
 rabbit brain   Rabbit
 squirrel brain   Squirrel
 frog brain   Frog


Now that you have looked at these brains, think about ways you can compare them.

There are many ways of comparing characteristics of brains of different animals. Can you think of any good questions to ask yourself? What would you like to know about these brains to understand how and why they're different?

Which would you like to explore first, similarities or differences?


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Frog Brain Shape

The Brain of the frog is like a bowling pin joined together. It looks irregularly longitudinal. (y)

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Why do you do things?

What makes you do things? Please answer thank you

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The camel brain looks even more wrinkly than the human brain. I wonder what that tells us?

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differences and similarites of brain shapes

the baboon and monkey seem taxonomic wise to be similar in shape the dolphin brain has similarities to a humans due to a well developed cerebellum meaning good forms of voluntary muscle co-ordination and abilities to learn how to interact with different types of objects and carry out complex movements. the anterior association area also has similarities as they are both large showing comparison between thinking,planning and reason.

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