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Websites on Brains and Intelligence

Neuroscience for Kids

Brain Size, Evolution, and Behavioral Complexity


Brains, Behavior, and Intelligence in Cetaceans

Animal Minds

The Brain from Top to Bottom

General Websites on Animals

Electronic Zoo

National Geographic

Websites on Brain Images, Structures, Atlases

Site Name Features
The Whole Brain Atlas
  • ability to slice through brain
  • images of diseased brains
Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections
  • many images of many species' brains
  • good links
Visible Human Project
  • human anatomy dissections
Brain Atlas
  • images and descriptions of structures
The Human Brain
  • excellent images
Inventory of Human Coronal Brain Images
  • coronal and sagittal brain animations
Animated Tutorials: Neurobiology
  • textbook-type animations of action potentials, synaptic transmission, etc.
MRI Images of Human Brain
  • labelled MRI images across 21 slices
  • tons of information about the brain
Neuroanatomy Tutorial
  • point to part of the image to identify the structure
Dissection of the Sheep Brain
  • directional dissections


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