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Let's Talking about Blogging

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From "Theories/Practices of Blogging,"
(Reconstruction Vol. 6, No. 4, 2006)


Who blogs? (Tori, Angela, Joyce, Judith, Diane, Ben)

Who reads blogs?

Why might you (if you do or don't)?

Why might you not?

Some examples:

Some theory:

Laura Blankenship

  • Why Science Blogging Matters

  • Emergence and Blogging
    • The blog appears to be a form of virtual coffee house, salon or club...popular in the eighteenth century as places for likeminded folk to gather in a general sense of being part of the enlightenment....We have our own enlightenment now, fuelled by the development of the internet.
How about a teaching blog....?

Writing as Jo(e) : Blogging as an Emerging Genre

  • interactive and instantaneous
  • a text with multiple voices...anyone can post
  • replacing the free exchange of ideas that writers could once do in books
  • comments
    • technology broadens and makes communication and information more superficial
    • it doesn't have to be superficial..slow down, consider what you're saying
    • Right now i just work through stuff that is on my mind. I don't even worry about audience too much.
    • my blogging is that reflexive teaching journal that I always told myself I should be keeping, the kind that acknowledges the whole of the teaching self and not just one's walk-on as a classroom performer.
    • it's nice...that one can have the option of having a fairly professional blog...but it's also nice to have a random place to write down the STUFF that is cluttering one's head so the real work can start
    • Milton speaks of writing as '...that one Talent which is death to hide." I write blog posts because if I don't write...a part of me is not allowed to breathe, to live, to find voice.
    • the pleasure of blogging is that I don't have to be a perfectionist. I love the slap dash nature of blogging

Robert Boynton, Attack of the Career-Killing Blogs, Slate

  • One might argue that blogging is in fact the very embodiment of... "The Conversation of Mankind"—an endless, thoroughly democratic dialogue about the best ideas and artifacts of our culture....Experimenting with open-source methods of judgment...might actually revitalize academic writing.
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Today I had a difficult time trying to figure out a topic to share with the class. Finally I had a creative moment and decided to investigate information about a special group of kids called Indigo children. This topic is exciting for me because the description of these children explains some of my grand-daughters behaviors. Which frustrates the hell out of her mother. I'm looking forward to sharing this information with you, and receiving your comments.
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Day 2 - Self and a Sense of Place- Session 2

Another day of food for thought. Dr. Cassidy's presentation was most interesting, leaving you with a questions to ponder. When you think of who you are and how you display yourself, are you your true self or your false self. How do we really feel about ourselves as teachers? Are we able to help our student or other students understand sense of self if we don't even understand our own sense of self-false or true. From this morning's discussion, I decided to make My Blog about the sense of self in African American adolescent females. It took me awhile to come up with the topic because we had covered so much information today. It is difficult but I am so excited to get it completed. Today, I found a picture and created a title. I DID GOOD!!! I'll be ready to go tomorrow.