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Storytelling my new approach to teaching!!!

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Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network

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Places, Places, Places

Picture of area of Randolph High School in 1895,  It did not exist!!!


Pictures of the city of Philadelphia - History

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Optical Illusions


Optical Illusions from Michael Bach


Subliminal & hypnotical messages


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AMACHI program information

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Chemistry Tutorial

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Mentally Gifted Students

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Curriculum Development Proposal


By:  Victoria Brown

Date: August 29, 2007

1. Laboratory Techniques Poster - This poster is a quick reference guide and refresher, this chart is a great reference for my classroom or lab, and frees me from answering questions repeatedly.  The clear, thorough illustrations address concerns on proper adjustment of burner flames, how to measure liquids, how to bend glass tubing, and 20 other techniques students need to master successfully. 

Cost :  $60.95

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