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Optical Illusions

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Optical Illusions from Michael Bach


Subliminal & hypnotical messages


 An optical illusion is an image that plays a trick on the eyes and the brain. The eyes send signals to the brain and it tries to interpret these signals. Even when the information is too confusing , the brain still tries to figure it out. That is where and how the brain gets confused. An optical illusion is caused when shapes and light interact with our sense of sight and make our brain interpret objects that may not be there. There are different types of optical illusions from camouflage to mirages. Camouflage refers to when objects either two-dimensional or three-dimensional ,blend into one another. Warriors and hunters have used this illusion to hide from their enemy or catch their prey. A mirage is when a deceptive receptive appearance of objects is caused by refraction (The bending of light ) in layers of air of varying densities. Many magicians used this principle to help deceive our eyes. Optical illusions are a fun way to trick you and your friends.  

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Video-Example: old or young woman

here is an example of the well-known illusion "old or young woman". Both figures are animated in this video:
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