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Storytelling my new approach to teaching!!!

Victoria Brown's picture

As we discussed science as story telling and story revision, I really started to think about what it would mean to teach science in our classrooms in such a manner. In class, I taught all of my topics in a very straightforward manner; it is clear to me now that I was giving my students the conclusions they should draw about experiments without allowing them to analyze the body of evidence and observations that my conclusions were coming from. In my lessons in the fall , it will be my attempt to present the material in a more broad and adventourous way allowing students to view the data for themselves, grapple with the issues involved in an in depth way, and then draw conclusions based on their own observations. I am thoroughly convinced that story-telling is the way to go, it allows students tocome up with the “right” way to think about a topic instead of letting them analyze the data and come to their own sense of what is “right.”