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the river of literacy

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I drew a picture for part of my journal this week. I depicted a river, starting from its source and flowing out and changing. My idea is a way to visualize literacy, to give it form. So, I am started to  think of literacy like a river, it changes its path, breaks off, and will sometimes meet again. In terms of literacy we start with our mains source, or discourse and as we grow this changes and adapts yet all the while we still are aware of the first discourse that we learned. At times we lose some of out discourse and may be halted by a "boulder." Literacy is like a river, it is not stagnant but moving. 


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Pam, I love your depiction of

Pam, I love your depiction of literacy as an image. I have a similar view of literacy. Like you, I think we start with the basics like reading and writing and that allows us to open up our ability to learn more. Our literacy keeps growing and growing and connecting and disconnecting. It is fluid and moving. I really enjoyed your post and the image you provided!