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Brain Behavior Institute 2009

 My name is Angela Bryant, I am a Teacher for The School District of Philadelphia.

I have my certification in CCNA(Cisco Certification Network Associate).

I am very interested in why children bully other children in the classroom and how the brain works with bullying.

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Proposal for Science and a Sense of Place


  I would like to use my stipend for buying my students headsets  for thier computers. It would be a blessing  for my students and my self. Bestbuy have headsets for $5 dollars I need 40 headsets. I have 30 computers but I would need the extra 10 in case If any of them get lost on break.


     Headsets $5

     # of headsets 40

     total          $200

Thank you

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Proposal for Brain and Behavior


        I am going to do my proposal on somthing I can use in my classroom . I just recieved a smart board in Febuary and I am being trained on different task I can work with my students. What I would like to use in my classroom for the stipend would work out find with my smartboard. I am going to use the $200 dollars buying a printer. I went online to and found a printer that I could use for my classroom. It is a Canon-Pixma All in One Photo Printer/Copier/scanner/fax. I can also go to Bestbuy store and purchase the same printer for the same amout of money.


Thank you for everything!


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Introduction/About My Self

 I love teaching High School. I teach at Randolph Skill Center. I teach Math and Computer Science.Click here to see the site for the School District of Phila.


I also teach at Community College of Philadelphia. I teach the Cisco Networking Academy. I teach at CCP part-time. I have my CCNA(Cisco Certification Networking Associates) and my CCIA(Cisco Certification Instruction Associates). Here is Cisco Networking Academy site.

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Computers and Brains/Storytelling

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Brain and Computer

    We were talking about the brain and what
methods we could think of to study the brain and its
mechanisms. As we discussed, a lot of research has been able
to show us which parts of the brain are active during certain
activities, and how those parts actually function.
Probably the most comprehensive idea I came up with was to
use computers to imitate the brain, to see if this would help
us to understand it better.

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