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Brain Behavior Institute 2009

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 My name is Angela Bryant, I am a Teacher for The School District of Philadelphia.

I have my certification in CCNA(Cisco Certification Network Associate).

I am very interested in why children bully other children in the classroom and how the brain works with bullying.


Brain Behavior Institute 2009 | Serendip's Exchange


It's an important question for loads of teachers ,parents, administators, victims of bullies and even bullies themslelves, what makes a someone want to bully another person? Studies  in the United States state that it is found that aggressive teenagers, the parts of the brain linked to reward that the amygdala and ventral striatum- light up when the teens view a video of someone inflicting pain.  I already know about the effects of bullying but finding out why it happens is important too.

Freqently asked questions about bullying:
 1.Why don't you feel comfortable when dealing with Bullies?
  2.Do you Know how a Bully's brain works and what made it develop that way will give you the confidence to handle the situation in the classroom? 
  3.Do you want to feel in control when you intervene in a bullying situation?
  4.Why do bullies in schools frequently try to manipulate other classmates and will try to weasel out of taking responsibility?
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