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Teen Students Domestic Behavior as a middle Adolescence

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There are many different ways we as teacher could prevent teens domestic in adolescents.



The Day My Baby Went Away

By Crystal, age 18

(Ventura Youth Correctional Facility)

The day my baby went away lives only as a memory deep in my brain.
Who is there to blame? An innocent soul that only god can claim...
So many sleepless nights, I sit and cry wondering why,
My baby had to leave me behind.
An innocent child's cry, followed by a mothers wish to die,
How could god let my baby leave me behind?
I wish I could rewind to the beginning of time, just so I can hold you one last time
How could this be, I'm living with so much misery,
I plead with god to bring you back to me.
A prayer that hasn't been answered, a dream that will never be,
Cries of a broken heart pleading with shattered dreams.
I tried to make things right and live my life without you by my side,
To only fail and try to end my life.
I'm still breathing, still living with every inch of agony,
But I know that god only takes those who've already
Completed their destiny.

R.I.P. Isaiah