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Teaching Tolerance



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More Global Warming News Briefs

the hypothetical effects of global warming on infectious diseases

 NY Times Science article about changing patterns of Humboldt squid locations

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Runoff Pollution

I think one thing that came out of our discussion today that we did not get a chance to talk about in depth is runoff pollution. I think it is a very real issue that our students can relate to and make observations about. It's also a great local issue to get students invested and interested in.
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The Green Belt Movement

This is a really great cause started by an amazing woman. My students really enjoyed learning about her and her movement.


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Global Warming Lesson

Global Warming: Which Story is Less Wrong? 

 Objective: SWBAT examine and analyze current data used to support different stories about global warming. After considering the information available, students will determine what they believe to be the most accurate summary of observations (including in this their own observations about global warming). Students will use the web as a primary resource in obtaining information and thinking about the topic.  


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Lesson Introduction

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Getting Started


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