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The Human Hindbrain

Cross-Section of the Human Hindbrain

Now we are looking at a cross-section of the hindbrain of a human.

Can you tell which structures are visible? Do you see the convoluted material that is dark purple? That is the cerebellum. What do you think is the round, off-white structure in the middle? Look at this picture for a hint:

Human brain with brainstem and cerebellum labelled


Hopefully you can see now that the round, off-white structure is the brainstem.

If you want to see more cross-sections of a human brain, go to this site.

Where shall we go from here? Click on your browser's "back" button to return to the midsagittal view of the human brain, or click on one of the buttons below to learn about these structures, to slice other brains, or to move on towards magnification.


Click to learn about brain structures                     Click here to slice more brains                     Click here to magnify cells in the brain


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I am looking for a picture of the brain for my article "The Human Brain" on my website:
My website is a non profit site. I would be glad to pay a fee for a one time use. Please advice. Thank you.

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