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Math Education Guest Lecture

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The Learning Process and the Scientific Process.

What is your definition of learning? What is the goal of learning?


What is your definition of Science? What is the goal of Science?




Linking Learning and Science: Is it one Process?

Neurobiology of Learning




Activity on Neurobiology




 What do illusions and ambiguous preceptions tell us about the mind?

The Brain as an informed guesser - observations as constructions

    • When word play is more than some antics (symantics)?

 Summary thus far....

  • blind spot reveals that our brain can "make things up"
  • optical illusions demonstrate that our brain can lie to us
  • ambiguous figures show that our brain can construct more than one interpretation, but we can be conscious of only one at a time
  • two pt. discrimination reveals that our brain is ultimately limited in it's ability to construct meaning by the sensitivity of our sensory system. Some information "out there" is lost on the way "in" to our brains.
  • imagination is an essential cognitive skill used in developing empirical understandings about the natural world




More Background on the Scientific Method




One Process: Learning and Science





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