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Internet Identity

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Part of me struggles with keeping my real name as a part of my user name. Just the other day, one of my Customs babies told me that they found me on this thing called Serendip.


That was my first thought. I felt "found out". Stumbling over my words, I tried to explain that it was for class, my posted opinions solicited by the requirements of academia, so on. She responded with silence -- politely listening to my ramblings. And it was her silence that tipped me off to something. I had nothing to be ashamed of, nothing on Serendip that warranted my sudden reaction. Every thought here is something that I would feel comfortable sharing off the net, too. 

I'd considered changing my name to something more obscure since the beginning of the semester, but I realize now that that is unnecessary. I'm not ashamed of what I have to say, and I don't feel as though my privacy is breached by allowing non 360-ers to read it. By detaching my name, I would be in a way stifling my own voice. 

My picture, however, is a different story. Last year in ESem I used a picture of myself as my avatar exclusively. I can't pinpoint why but I feel like this is a bridge I don't particularly want to cross yet. Maybe in the future, but not yet. Instead, I've chosen a picture of the nametag I use during my summer job. For months at a time I am addressed by something other than my real name (Saffy). For this reason it has become almost as defining and natural as my real name. So, by choosing this avatar I am also choosing to give a big part of me to you all. My two identities have never come into contact before, so let's see how it goes!




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I'm so interested by the fact

I'm so interested by the fact that you describe yourself as "found out" when your customs baby says she saw your posts. I also felt that way when my mother sent me an email late last year telling me that my writing was on the internet. Though I already knew the posts were public, I almost felt as though she'd discovered some secret. That said, I wasn't – and still am not – ashamed of anything I've posted. Unlike, you, though, I have decided to be a little more private with my name!!