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a fair shot @ a job...

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Let's talk about re-entry? See this, from Brent Staples, A Fair Shot @ a Job, NYTimes (April 21m 29012):
According to a startling 2011 report from the National Employment Law Project, an advocacy group, about 90 percent of companies are using criminal background checks in hiring decisions and about 65 million people have criminal records. The group found that companies of all sizes routinely deny people with records any chance to establish their qualifications, even for entry-level jobs like warehouse worker. These blanket exclusion policies flout the E.E.O.C. rules. They also ignore research showing that many offenders who stay out of trouble for even a brief period after their original crimes present little or no risk to employers.



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a fair shot @ a job

The Companies are unlawful in their discrimination. Maybe they need a does of their own medicine.
Call these self righteous, short sighted hypocrites out on their hiring decisions. Take them to court. Then they can join the other 65 million people with criminal records. Injustice meets justice.