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Decision, Decisions...

Sara Lazarovska's picture

I was excited to visit my site this week. Since my last visit left me so amazed, I thought that, surely, it would be fun to visit the cloisters as well. I was wrong.

There was nothing new in the cloisters. Just the same ol' grass, beaten down by weather and numerous people trodding down on it, looking as it did the week before last. How disappointing.

I was wondering whether I made a wrong decision not changing my site; after all, it does not provide much nature-fueled stimulation most of the time, and the other person that chose the same site, Claire (CMJ), changed her site. Then, however, I thought about my process of decision-making: I am not one of those people that take forever and a day to decide about things. I make my decions fast and rarely regret them. I have learned to think fast on my feet and evalute options quickly. I don't dwell on past decions much (there are certain exceptions though), so I decided not to dwell on this particular one either. I trust myself that I made the right decision.

I am pretty confident that I did not make a mistake because I remember the reason why I chose to not change my site sit. My site, the cloisters, makes me feel safe while at the same time exposing me to nature, something that I am not comfortable with. Therefore, it places my site-sitting experience in my Stretch Zone, where I learn and adapt to new situations. If I changed my site, my site-sitting experience would have been in my Panic Zone, and instead of learning from it, I would only have been severely uncomfortable and slightly afraid, which would not have been beneficial at all for me. Therefore, while I was in the cloisters this Saturday, I started doubting my decision, but then convinced myself that I had made the right choice, all the while considering my own relationship with nature, how I perceive it, and how I feel about it.