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Ecofeminism Teach-in

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Here are the notes that Marian, Piper, Amanda and I used for our presentation on Ecofeminism

Ecofeminist meal

  • Salted kale chips
  •      Reference to the “Book of Salt”
  • Tabouli Salad
  • Spinach salad

History of Ecofeminism

  • Ecofeminism is new branch of feminism that focuses on riding the world of any hierarchical structures.  This sector of feminism addresses the “self” and “other” as a subject and an object.    
  • ecofeminism as an extension of intesectionality
  • need to be open-minded because this could be the way that people looked at first wave feminism
  • “Particularly, ecofeminists attack patriarchal society's dualistic thinking, wherein one side of the dualism reflects the "self" or the subject, while the second represents the "other" or the object. The object is considered only insofar as it can benefit the subject.”
  • “The movement wants to create an interconnected community, void of hierarchies, where all beings -- human, non-human, and members of the organic world -- have their own intrinsic value and are part of the same living organism, the earth.”
  • Women’s Studies Librarians Office
  • University of Wisconsin System


  • Having to be conscious of the food ingredients
  • Amount of money spent on meal
  • Discrimination in the context of meal plans
  • The most intersectional but could be thought of as the least accessible
  • The way we think about ecofeminism now could be how people looked at first wave feminism

Broad sense of feminism

  • Ecofeminism now includes anyone or anything being oppressed
  • Not specific to a gender or race
  • The most intersectional sector of post-modern feminism
  • Speciesism 
  • Food as a social element
  • Common element-like death
  • Reference to “Book of Salt”
  • Gender discrimination in the animal world

Every day application

  • Explore ecofeminism for a week
  • Try eating vegan at the dining hall
  • Treating your pets differently
  • Take a second to feel connected to nature