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Two Point Discrimination Test


  1. Fully open the calipers and record the distance between points. (One could use a large paper clip bent into the shape of an U, instead of calipers.)
  2. Touch both ends of the calipers gently (and at the same time) onto the back of your friend's hand (or other location on their body) and ask if he or she felt one pressure point or two?  
  3. If your friend felt two pressure points, record the distances and then narrow the calipers by 2-5cm. (When you ultimately find the distance where the subject can no longer discriminate two points, you may want to go back and narrow the calipers by less in order to more accurately determine the threshold distance.)
  4. Try again. Write down the distance where your friend goes from feeling two pressure point, to feeling only one.  
  5. To make it difficult for your friend to guess the answer, vary both the distance between the tips, and whether you actually place one or both tips on their skin.
  6. Try 2-3 other locations on the body to compare.
  7. What is the most sensitive place you tested? In terms of neural anatomy and this test, define sensitivity.


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